Brom Van Brunt

Brom Van Brunt is a minor villain turned anti-hero of the 1999 film Sleepy Hollow. He was portrayed by Capser Van Dien.


He is a suitor to Katrina Van Tassel and rival to Ichabod Crane for Katrina's affections. He is known is a well know jerk and arrogant man who who never listened to everybody's warning. While being on guard duty, Brom hears of the screams of the Killians' child Thomas (who has been killed along with his family by the Headless Horseman) and rushes to the scene. He tries to take the Horseman down with his gun, but fails. Brom attempts to reload as the Horseman advances towards him, but the latter unexpectedly walks past him rather than chopping his head off. Brom then forces the Horseman into a swordfight, only for an arriving Crane to finally warn him that they can't win this fight and suggest that they run. Brom complies and he and Crane head over to the bridge to evade the Horseman, only for the latter to make a surprise ambush. After stabbing Crane in the chest (though not fatally), the Horseman fights Brom again, and this time, he cuts Brom in half by the waist. The Horseman then leaves the scene, even without taking Brom's head.

It is later revealed that Lady Van Tassel was the one who controlled the Horseman by stealing his skull and using her dark magic to summon him to commit the murders so that she could gain the land rights and fortune that the Van Tassel family have inherited, thus she is the one responsible for the murders (including Brom's, though it was clear that he wasn't chosen as a target, which would explain why the Horseman initially didn't want to kill him until he was forced to do so). Brom's death would later be avenged when Crane returns the skull to the Horseman, who then returns back to Hell, taking Lady Van Tassel with him to make her pay for her crimes.